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Globally, tourism has become a popular leisure activity. Health tourism also called medical tourism refers to a patient travelling abroad for the purpose of obtaining non-emergency health care.

Dental tourism is a two in one concept where the patients not only plan a dental care treatment, but have a chance to explore new places as well like mini vacation. It is the travelling of people from a country having comparatively high cost for dental treatment to a country having low cost for dental treatment. The concept of dental tourism is growing day by day. Most of the dental treatments require multiple sittings with liberal gaps in between sittings which makes dental patient an ideal candidate for health tourism. The dental treatment does not require hospitalization and therefore can be clubbed with Ayurveda, Spiritual tourism and also to explore the different tourist destinations.

We offer world class treatment by highly qualified dental surgeons at affordable cost.

We can help the tourists to plan their vacation to the exotic and exciting locations in north Kerala, which include sunny beaches, back waters, house boat cruises, ancient forts, hill stations, martial arts and many more.

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